About Me

Welcome and here is a little about me. My name is Ethan and I am a Mechanical Engineer / Designer and 3D Printing enthusiast from Ireland.

I wanted to bring the ideas in my head to life through the power of modelling and 3D printing.

My goal is to improve my skills as a designer and to bring high-quality 3D models to those who want to cosplay their favourite characters.

3D Modelling

I have been modelling since secondary school. I started on the drafting boards with my tee square and quickly moved on to AutoCAD and Solidworks. Since University I have learned how to use whole packages of software, but primarily Fusion 360.

In 2021 I set out to learn Blender. Blender has allowed me to create brand new models that I would have struggled to complete in a conventional Cad package.

3D Printing

I started 3D Printing in 2019 and have grown to love the concept where an idea that was in my head, I can now have in a few hours of work. 3d printing has really helped me to discover new areas of interest, friends and genres of models I would never have had.

Mando Chest Plate

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