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Zero Two Cosplay Horns
Prop Design

Zero Two Cosplay Horns

Hello Darling. May I present to you my new design. If you are a fan of anime you might have an idea of what this is. This model is to resemble the headpiece worn by Zero Two in the anime Darling in the Franxx. Darling in the Franxx is set in a dystopian future where children …

How to use the Build Modifier in Blender?
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How to use the Build Modifier in Blender?

The Build modifier causes the faces of the mesh object to appear or disappear one after the other over time. The modifier almost looks like the object “dissolves-in” or “dissolves-out” in the viewport. As usual, the modifier can be found in the properties tab, let’s jump in. Build Modifier Options By default, the faces of your object …

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