US Agent Shield – STL – 3D Files (Digital Download)

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US Agent Shield – STL – 3D Files (Digital Download) Marvel Captain America

US Agent Shield – STL – 3D Files (Digital Download) Marvel Captain America

***This is a Digital Download. No physical product will ship for this purchase.***
Please read the full description.

US Agent Shield – STL – 3D Files (Digital Download).

This design is based on the US Agent Comic style shield.

Size: 2.4 feet (Diameter)

This prop STL contains the following:
-2 variations of the shield for you to choose to print.
-Design & assembly PDF with a print parts checklist.

Shield Design
-Pre-sectioned for 3D printing on a 220x220x250 printer bed (Ender 3 for comparison)
-Shield parts are orientated for easy drag and drop into your slicer software.
-Choose between 2 different variations for your shield.


Please note that this model is strictly for personal use and cannot be resold or altered for the purpose of resale or manufacturing molds and castings for resale.

Additionally, this design is not intended for redistribution or resale of printed parts or molds.

Please be aware that no physical product will be shipped with this purchase, as it consists solely of digital files. As a result, refunds cannot be provided for this type of transaction.

It is important to note that this is not an officially licensed product and is considered to be “fan art.” If you have any concerns regarding the use of this product, please contact me directly.

Thank you for choosing my design and happy printing!

Happy printing.


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