2021: A Year In Pictures

Come one, come all!!!!

Welcome to my 2021: A year in pictures. Here I shall showcase my year in pictures, to show the progress I have made. A lot of these projects were created in Blender which I did not start to learn until the middle of 2021, and I am very thankful that I started. Blender has a lot more freedom than traditional cad software, and it’s open-source so woohoo!.

You can keep up to date on all of my projects as on work on them on my Instagram.

Let’s begin my 2021: A year in pictures :

There you have it, my 2021: A year in pictures. I am going to do this year in review at the end of every tear (I hope). To showcase the progress of my work overtime. It’s a way that I find that I can keep myself motivated when I cannot find the motivation I need. I defiantly saw an improvement in model creation towards the second half of the year, this is most defiantly thanks to learning Blender, I can’t recommend it enough.

Blender: Click Here

What was your favourite project this year? I will be creating a list of my 2022 goals soon, I have a rough draft made out but I need to finalise it. After what I was able to do in 2021 in terms of modelling I am so excited to see what I can do next year.

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Like always, thank you for visiting. I hope you and all have had a great 2021.

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