Decimate – Blender Modifier Tutorial

Decimate Modifier – Today I want to talk about a blender modifier that I find very interesting.

The Decimate modifier allows you to reduce the vertex/face count of a model mesh. Reducing the mesh can give you a very crude shape with minimal changes. If you go too far with it will ultimately not resemble anything that you have modeled. So you are probably wondering why do I need this modifier or what can I use it for. I’ll tell you after I show you how to use it.

The modifier is not usually used on meshes that have been modeled carefully like a cosplay prop where all of the pieces modeled are exact. If the mesh is the result of complex modeling or applied Subdivision Surface / Multiresolution modifiers, Decimate can be used to reduce the polygon count for performance increase.

Now you might be wondering what the Decimate modifier could be used for. Two possible uses are the creation of rocks and boulders for scenes and low poly mini-figures like Pokemon.

Decimate Modifier In Use

I have used the decimate modifier on a few occasions, I used it for my entry for the LUX3D mascot competition. I modeled the original face and then applied the decimate modifier to achieve a low poly design.

Lux3d Mascot Entry

You can find a more detailed account of the modifier at the Blender 2.93 Manual, Click Below. It’s difficult to follow and gives detailed step-by-step instructions.

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