Scarlet Witch – Comic Headpiece

Hello, below is my design for a Scarlet Witch comic headpiece inspired by the one she wore in the Halloween episode on the Wandavision series on Disney+. I’m already thinking about going and rewatching Wandavision. Once I finish Hawkeye, I think that will be first on my list for the Christmas binge.

The headpiece has actually become a best seller on my Etsy store, which I am delighted with.

Scarlet Witch Images

Thank you for continuing to check out my designs. I will continue to improve my skills to bring you even better models to print. Over the next few weeks, I will be adding a lot more models to my site and Etsy stores. I have a few more anime models planned so keep an eye on that. If you would like to look at this 3d model, please see the links below to my site store and to my Etsy Page.

Thanks again.

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