How To Use The Solidify Modifier In Blender – Tutorial

Do you need help with the Solidify modifier in Blender? Well, you have come to the right place. This is another tutorial in my series on learning the Blender modifiers. I started this series some weeks ago in an attempt to learn all of the blender modifiers, in the hopes that it would improve my modelling skills.

This week we will be delving into the Solidify Modifier.

What is the Solidify Modifier?

The Solidify modifier takes the surface of any mesh and adds depth or thickness to it. So if you have created a face, the solidify modifier would turn it from a 2D into a 3D object.

Fig 2. Mandalorian Helmet

Fig 2. Solidify In Action

Fig 2 shows the Mandalorian helmet I’m currently modelling. The helmet gets a thickness added to it by using the Solidify modifier. This can be clearly seen on the back of the helmet using the image slider.

Solidify is a great modifier for the 3D printing makers who design in Blender. It allows them to add thickness to their props, where otherwise they would have to use the extrude command. Using the Solidify command will actually allow you to turn the modifier on and off so you can actually hide the thickness as you go. You can then apply it when you are ready. Just make sure you save a duplicate before you apply.

Solidify Options

Solidify has two mode options, Simple and Complex.


This is the default solidify algorithm, which simply extrudes the geometry or face.


This is a solidify algorithm that can handle every geometric situation to guarantee a manifold output geometry. This algorithm is able to solidify shapes that would be considered too complex for the simple Solidify modifier.


There isn’t much of a difference between the simple and complex options. There’s just a lot more choice in settings in the complex.

Thickness Mode [Complex Mode]

Choosing the type of thickness your model needs is a great option to have with this modifier. Different models may require different options. so here are some of the different thickness types you can find in the complex model of the Solidify modifier.


Fixed is similar to Simple Mode without Even Thickness. The new vertices are always at a fixed distance from the old ones.


This is similar to Simple Mode with Even Thickness and High-Quality Normals. It adjusts for sharp corners, but may not always work when more than three faces come together.


A constraint is a more advanced model to try to always get the optimal thickness everywhere. For up to three faces it is always guaranteed to find an optimal solution.


The Solidify modifier is a great modifier to use, especially if you are a 3D printer and maker. It allows you to quickly add thickness to your model, without it being permanent until you actually apply it. Solidify is a modifier that I use very regularly and would be a great tool in your list of modifiers once you are comfortable using it.

Solidify Blender Manual: Click Here

Happy Designing!!!


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