Happy New Year. Welcome to my 2022 Year Plan.

So here we are at the start of another year. Who is ready to set some goals?

I consider 2021 to be a major success, having learned the basics of Blender I have been able to create some new models in a very short time frame. It has opened many new doors that I am very eager to explore. Adding new skills to my arsenal is very important to me. I want to be able to create real and detailed projects in the future. But let’s not hold back, here are my goals.

The table below shows the targets I have set myself for the year. I have essentially doubled my target for model downloads for the year. Having achieved 7000+ model downloads in 2021, I have gone for nearly doubled that number this year. It’s a big challenge, but after the success of 2021, I want to push myself more. Most of the downloads came from Thingiverse, so I will be looking to increase other platforms to achieve the same level of downloads.

2022 Year Plan – Table

160 Models Online
212’000 Model Downloads
3Blender Character Modelling
4Mandalorian Armour
5Resin Printing
6Learn Python
715 New Youtube Videos

I currently have 31 models up online. I’m looking to also double that number this year with 60 models in total over the course of 2022. These will mostly be available on my website, Thingiverse and Etsy. Model downloads are important to me. Having other printers and enthusiasts download my designs means that my designs are good enough to be displayed, used and abused. Thank you to all who have downloaded my designs, I am eternally grateful.

Blender Character Modelling & Python

Blender Character Modelling & Python are the two biggest skills I want to learn this year. Character modelling is the next step for me in terms of creation. I would love to be able to design DND characters and/or characters for a 3D gaming environment. I already have the 2 UDEMY courses lined up to take in February and March, which I am very excited about. I browse Art Station a lot, and I am in awe of the creations that other 3D artists can create. Which gives me the fire to continue to pursue my goals of being a character artist in the future. My Art Station profile.

I am also, currently undertaking a Python BootCamp on Udemy. I plan on creating a Python project each month for the remainder of the year once I complete the course. These won’t be massive projects, just enough to actually get a good foundation for Python moving forward.

So why do I want to learn Python, Simple? Python can make my life easier in terms of automating some design work, it can be used in Blender and it can help app and game creation. Remember what I said about character modelling, if I combine the two I can create mobile games and apps in general. I am finding that coding is becoming more and more necessary for me. Automating tasks, web scraping, app creation etc are all areas I am interested in and need to learn so I can make my life easier.

I am playing the long game, but I am so excited.

Blender Character Creator v2.0 for Video Games Design: Course

Blender Special – Anime Character Style Course: Course

2022 Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python: Course

Mandalorian Armour

Ahh Mando, how I failed you last year. BUT not this year, I have already completed a lot of the modelling and some of the parts are for sale on my website and Etsy store. Unless travelling interrupts me this year, I fully plan on completing the project. Once I have access to my printers again, they will be fired up and put to work on making my designs. I then just have to get better at sanding, priming and painting chrome. Oh so chrome, Lol.

Resin Printing

So with learning character modelling I then want to be able to create my pieces using resin. So around the time, I will start learning character modelling I will buy a resin printer for DND minis and small printable parts like the pummel for my thors hammer design. My hope is that I can use a resin printer well by the time I get to actually making my own characters. But again this all depends on if travelling will interrupt me this year.


Finally, for the year, I want to increase my output of Youtube videos and tutorials. I would love to start live streaming my work so that I can help some people get more into 3D modelling. So I’ve set myself a target of 15 videos this year. I don’t know what the content will be yet, but I will start showing them once I start some one-off projects like the Deku face mask I want to design. Once I am home and have sourced a proper microphone I will start with the videos. My current mic is very sketchy and makes the audio quality crap.

If you have any suggestions about what videos I should make please don’t hesitate to contact me.


So that’s it, my ‘2022 Year Plan’. I’m looking forward to this year, I really hope that I can achieve everything I’ve set myself this year. I know Python and character modelling will be an ongoing learning process that will take many years to master, but I have to start somewhere.

Thanks again for dropping by and reading my thoughts, I hope you can stay along on my journey for the year.

Do you think I have challenged myself? Have I done enough? or is it too easy? tell me below in the comments.

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