Mjolnir Design Update

Hey Everyone,

Thors Mjolnir Hammer Update. Here is a look at some renders I completed for my Mjolnir design in Blender. Blender is a fantastic tool for renders, I prefer it to the limited fusion 360 renders I can get. I’m still not a pro at using it yet but I am very impressed with the results I have been able to achieve using it.

I have a lot of the design work completed for Mjolnir, I’m just working on the part interfaces this week, I’m also trying to create some 3d printable leather parts which are proving to be very difficult. But with having more than one option to choose from you will be able to use real leather and glue the pieces in place if you so choose.

Thors Mjolnir Hammer Update

I just have to assemble all of the pieces together and print the hammer stand. Once I know the hammer can sit perfectly on the stand I can put the files up in my store. The fusion design of the hammer has been a challenge, it’s more intricate than the captain America shield. I still have to create the other variations of the hammer but I can only do this once I am happy with the current design.

I am planning on having 3 different variations:

  1. Fully split into multiple parts
  2. Hammer head split with one solid handle
  3. One full hammer model.

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