Captain America Shield – 3D Files – STL Pack

Hello and welcome, below is my design for a Captain America shield inspired by the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney+.

The Design

This prop STL contains the following:
-3 variations of the shield for you to choose to print.
-Design & assembly PDF with a print parts checklist.
-Shield Display Stand.
-Discount code for Inkrayon filament.
-Discount code for my Etsy store.
-and a few other fun bits.

Shield Design
-Pre-sectioned for 3D printing on a 220x220x250 printer bed (Ender 3 for comparison)
-Shield parts are orientated for easy drag and drop into your slicer software.
-Choose between 3 different variations for your shield.

The shield files can be purchased at either my Etsy store or on my website.

Captain America Shield Images

My Captain America shield files can be purchased at either my Etsy store or on my website. Links Below.

Etsy Store: Click Here

Website: Click Here

Thank you for checking out my shield design, I have recently created a Captain Carter version which you can look at here. I have plans to also add a Hydra version also so stay tuned for that in the future.


-This model is for personal use only.
-The model is not intended for resale, alteration, manufacture of molds and castings for resale
-This design is not for resale or redistribution
-This design is not for resale or redistribution of printed parts or molds.
-No physical product will ship for this purchase.
-Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds on digital files.

This is not an officially licensed product and is consider “fan art.”
If you have any concerns regarding this product, then please contact me.

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