Subdivision Surface – Blender Modifier Tutorial

The Subdivision Surface modifier is used to split the faces of a mesh into smaller faces, giving it a smoother appearance throughout your model’s mesh.

It enables the modeller to create smooth surfaces from their low poly models. this modifier allows you to create low poly models with low amounts of data to then turn it into a smooth model with a few clicks.

Subdiv Options

Catmull-Clark: The default option subdivides and smooths the surfaces. This selection uses a formula to render a more aesthetic appearance of the model’s surfaces rather than on a mathematical derivation like the “Simple” option.

Simple: Only subdivide the surfaces, no smoothing is applied to the model). It is used primarily to increase the base mesh resolution of the model and to give the appearance of a smoother model.

Figure 1. Normal Monkey Head
Figure 2. Simple Monkey Head
Figure 3. Simple Vs Catmull-Clark
Figure 4. Catmull-Clark Close Up

Catmull-Clark can be a great tool for smoothing out the object, but it does deform the overall shape, so if you want to preserve the edges of your model it won’t work using this method. As you can see from figure.4 the ear of the monkey has gotten smaller to allow the modifier to work.

By using Simple you can preserve all of the edges, it only subdivides the surfaces, to make it appear more smooth. but no calculation has taken place.

As you can see the Subdivision surface modifier is extremely handy for creating smooth models from low poly designs. Further meshwork would be required if you need to keep a certain part of your model square or to preserve the model boundaries.

If you’ve liked this tutorial then consider following along as I go through the list of Blender tutorials. Thanks again and see you next time.

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