Captain America Shield & Blender Donut

Captain America -So this week I have been making serious progress on the centre star piece of the shield. At the moment everything is going according to plan. The Blender donut has been a bit challenging too, but I’m impressed with the progress made this week. So here’s an update:

Shield Update

The outside ring took a long time to finish as I was completing some Etsy orders for some new customers. So this week, I have five-star parts to print and they roughly take 8 hours each to print. Thankfully I have both printers free to complete it, this will take around 3 days to do.

I had to bust open fusion 360 to make some slight changes to the star piece model. After printing the first two Captain America pieces, the tabs that get inserted need a little bit more space to allow the pieces to be slotted together. ill sand down the already printed pieces so they can slot in too, but the updated model should allow for easy assembly. I have to be sure all the pieces can fit together properly before I make the file available, hence why it’s taking so long.

Over the weekend ill be sanding and assembling the pieces together, making sure everything fits, and updating any parts of the model I think need it. 

Blender Tutorials

Alongside the printing of the shield, I have been making good progress on the Blender tutorial for the Donut and Cup of coffee. As a CAD user, I have found it to be quite a challenge to learn Blender, but I can now see that the possibilities are endless for design, rendering, and animation. I’m already planning my list of designs I want to use, I think first up will be my take on a lightsaber or something else……

Blender – Donut & Cup progress

I would highly recommend the tutorial by Andrew Price, it’s easy to follow and covers a lot of basics you will need to start modeling your own pieces once you’re finished.

Click below to be directed to the Andrews Blender Donut tutorial.

Next Week

Next week I have to test print the backside braces, so I can actually hold them. These pieces won’t take long to print but it does mean that the shield is nearing printing completion.

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