Lux3DTech Mascot Entry

This week I designed and entered the Lux3DTech mascot competition. Using the skills I picked up from the doughnut tutorial, this would be the first proper Blender design that I would have created.

I had an original Moai design, but I wasn’t overly happy with how it turned out. so I restarted with a new model and made sure to pay more attention to the initial model setup. I spent more time creating the wireframe of the basic shape to the point where it actually looked like the Moai statue head. I went into the detail too early on the original which ultimately made it look crap.

Lesson one: detail early on is a bad idea.

I started by importing some reference images and essentially tracing the outlines of images with the wireframe. Using extrude and scaling I was able to make the model wider, extended and smaller where I needed it to be.

Blender Model Set Up

Next, I applied the subdivision surface modifier. This modifier smoothes out the selected part of the model and can change a clunky surface to a smooth finish. From this point, I tried different modifiers to figure out what type of design I wanted to go with, I chose the “Decimate” modifier which allows you to turn your design into a low poly model with minimum effort.

Blender Final (Non Render)
Blender Render

I added some pit viper sunglasses for extra coolness and set about creating a final render before I exported it for printing. When I loaded it into Cura I found some slight overhangs that I needed to change, especially in the quiff hairstyle.

Cura Model

Lux3DTech Final Print

Here is the final model. I opted for a filament change at the neck break to see how it would work.

Mascot Final Print

Closing Date

Final closing date for the Lux3DTech mascot contest is the 28th of May , so you might have a little time left to come up with your own mascot design for the competition.

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