Welcome! Below you will find my latest tutorials for 3D Printing, Blender and Fusion 360 Modelling. If you can’t find a tutorial you need or if you would like to suggest a tutorial, please reach out to me on Instagram at the link below. Happy Reading!!!

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How To Use The Solidify Modifier In Blender – Tutorial

Do you need help with the Solidify modifier in Blender? Well, you have come to the right place. This is another tutorial in my series on learning the Blender modifiers. I started this series some weeks ago in an attempt to learn all of the blender modifiers, in the hopes that it would improve my …

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How to use the Build Modifier in Blender?

The Build modifier causes the faces of the mesh object to appear or disappear one after the other over time. The modifier almost looks like the object “dissolves-in” or “dissolves-out” in the viewport. As usual, the modifier can be found in the properties tab, let’s jump in. Build Modifier Options By default, the faces of your object …

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How to use the Boolean Modifier – Blender Tutorial

Welcome to another Blender tutorial, as constructed by me. Thank you for attending. This will be my fourth tutorial for Blender modifiers that I have created this year, So I hope you are learning something from them so far. A Boolean modifier is a useful tool in your list of modifiers to use. Let’s go …

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Subdivision Surface – Blender Modifier Tutorial

The Subdivision Surface modifier is used to split the faces of a mesh into smaller faces, giving it a smoother appearance throughout your model’s mesh. It enables the modeller to create smooth surfaces from their low poly models. this modifier allows you to create low poly models with low amounts of data to then turn …